Machine safety can reduce downtime and maintenance costs"

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  • Feb 06,23
In this interview, Zavier Paul Antony, Country Manager – India, ReeR, explains the importance of machine safety to increase productivity and efficiency, and the company's expansion plans for India.
Machine safety can reduce downtime and maintenance costs

Founded in 1959, the Turin (Italy) based ReeR SpA is one of the world leaders in safety optoelectronic sensors and controllers for industrial applications. In this interview, Zavier Paul Antony, Country Manager – India, ReeR, explains the importance of machine safety to increase productivity and efficiency, and the company's expansion plans for India.

How has ReeR evolved over the years to become one of the leading players in the global safety automation industry?
ReeR was founded in Turin, Italy in 1959. Driven by a strong vocation for innovation and technology, the company has become over the years a point of reference for safety automation at global level. Thanks to the constant expansion of the Safety Division, ReeR is today one of the world leaders in safety optoelectronic sensors and controllers for industrial applications. The strong commitment in national, European and international regulatory committees allows ReeR to keep a state-of-the-art position in machine safety regulations, and to bring back to the table valuable feedbacks playing a key role in the growth of the machine safety culture.

The continuous expansion of the product range makes ReeR today a leading provider of safety solutions for the entire machine automation industry.

In addition to this, the international activities of the Safety Division outline the company’s global expertise. With five subsidiary offices located in China, Brazil, Korea, USA and Spain, and a global network of skilled distributors, ReeR provides an impeccable customer service in more than 65 countries worldwide. Furthermore, we are opening our subsidiary in India that will start operations during 1Q 2023.

What products and solutions do you offer to the manufacturing sector and machine builders?
ReeR offers a complete top-of-the-line product range. EOS Safety Light Curtains, MICRON Measurement and Automation Light Curtains, MOSAIC Safety Controllers, SR Safety Relays, R-SAFE Contactless Safety Sensors, and Safety Laser Scanners are some of the key products manufactured by ReeR.

We would like to highlight some of the features of our MOSAIC safety controllers: Mosaic is a safety hub able to manage all safety functions of a machinery or a plant. It is configurable and scalable allowing cost reductions and minimal wiring.

Mosaic can manage safety sensors and safety signals such as: light curtains, photocells, laser scanners, emergency stops, electromechanical switches, guard-lock safety door switches, magnetic switches, RFID switches, inductive sensors, safety mats and edges, two-hands controls, hand grip switches, encoders and proximities for speed control and analogue sensors (i.e. loading cells, pressure switches, temperature measurement, flow and level measurement, etc.), reducing the number of devices and wiring used and, therefore, the overall size of the project.

All logic is configured through a graphic interface allowing tamper-proof system configurations. No more laborious wiring is needed as with traditional solutions, speeding-up control panel construction. A lower number of electromechanical components also means a better performance level and, therefore, a higher safety level.

New product launches include the Mosaic M1S COM, an enhanced master unit with Fieldbus Interface, which was announced during the last SPS (Smart Product Solution) fair in Parma, Italy. The new Mosaic M1S COM master unit integrates 2 RJ45 network connectors for connections to the field bus and / or to the network for remote control.

We are in the continuous process of innovating new products for the operator and machine safety.

ReeR has been operating in India for more than 20 years. How has been the growth journey so far? Who are your major customers?
ReeR has been active in the Indian market for more than 20 years through a channel of authorised distributors. In 2018, I was appointed as Country Manager to further develop the Indian market and to lead and support the distribution network with sales & marketing activities.

As of today, we have a Pan-India qualified network of authorised distributors providing complete automation safety solutions for all types of customers and applications, as well as fast deliveries and accurate customer service. Our major customers are machine builders & SPMs. Our prime focus areas are operator safety and machine safety.

Being a growing company with a great potential customer base, we are in the process of forming our Indian subsidiary and to further expand the sales network by appointing sales engineers in North, East, South & West regions. The Indian office will start operations during 1Q 2023 and will act as sales and technical support to our distributor network.

Why machine safety is important for machine builders and the users of their machines?
Machine safety is important for both machine builders and the users of their machines because it helps to prevent accidents and injuries that can occur while using the machines. Accidents and injuries can have serious consequences, including physical harm to individuals, damage to the machines, and financial losses for both the machine builders and the users.

Machine safety is especially important in industries where the machines are used for tasks that involve hazardous materials or processes, or where the machines are used by a large number of people. In these situations, the potential for accidents and injuries is higher, and the consequences of such accidents can be more severe.

There are several reasons why machine safety is important for machine builders:

  • Legal and regulatory requirements: Machine builders are required to follow safety regulations and standards to ensure that their machines are safe to use. Failure to meet these requirements can result in legal consequences, including fines and lawsuits.
  • Reputation and brand image: Machine builders want to maintain a positive reputation and brand image in the market. Accidents and injuries resulting from the use of their machines can damage their reputation and lead to negative perceptions of their brand.
  • Customer satisfaction: Machine builders want to satisfy their customers by providing safe and reliable machines. Accidents and injuries can lead to customer dissatisfaction and may result in the loss of business.
  • For users of machines, machine safety is important because it helps to protect the health and well-being of the individuals who use the machines. In addition, machine safety can also help to reduce downtime and maintenance costs, as well as improve the overall efficiency and productivity of the machines.

    Is the rising level of modernisation in Indian industries leading to increasing in demand for ReeR solutions? Which are the other factors contributing to this growth?
    Yes, modernisation and automation in Indian industries are rising tremendously. The Indian industrial automation market is segmented by three automation types, namely process automation, factory automation, and electric automation. This market is driven by the increasing investments in the secondary manufacturing sector owing to encouraging government policies and changing consumer behaviour. The country aims to improve its infrastructure capabilities to attract more global investors and to boost its manufacturing capabilities.

    Several Indian industries are upgrading their existing automation technologies as they reduce production time and promote safety and efficiency in a manufacturing or a processing unit.

    As always, the factors contributing to this growth is operator safety through machine safety.

    What kinds of new opportunities are you looking at to increase your business in India? Which end-user industries will be the growth propellers for you?
    As our slogan says “Your future’s safe!”, we focus on industrial safety; therefore, machine builders, automotive, packaging and palletisation industries, machine tools, SPM, system integrators, pharma, toll booths are some of our key customers.

    In India, we have gained a significant growth in machine safety sensor business, and we have achieved this by manufacturing safety products for the operator as well as machineries in any industry.

    Our prime focus areas are operator safety and machine safety. If safety in the workplace is essential, then it becomes crucial in highly automated environments to use ReeR products, which find applications in various industry segments. Our major focus areas are machine builders.

    Industry 4.0, smart factory/manufacturing, etc are the buzz words today. How is ReeR tapping these trends?
    Manufacturers are seeing an increasing need for automation solutions year over year. The manufacturing industry is one of the most relevant and important areas for the use of automation technology. As more manufacturers look for ways to drive efficiency and lower costs, automation in factories, Industry 4.0, and other connected manufacturing solutions will continue to become more widespread. ReeR is always ahead of the game providing advanced safety products and solutions for any kind of manufacturing industry.

    What are your growth plans for India?
    India, like all other BRIC countries, is considered as a largest emerging market. India is expected to grow faster than the developed countries and to play an increasingly important role in the world.

    ReeR is today one of the world's leading optoelectronic sensors for accident prevention industrial. ReeR as a world leader wants to participate and help to shape those markets in India.

    With the dedicated sales team & partners, ReeR wants to reach the next service level (product availability, proximity to customers) to fulfil the requirements of these demanding markets.

    With the excellent quality, high standards, best technical solutions and decent price, ReeR has started supplying its products PAN-India. We provide whole range of products and services to Indian as well as international customers, who have established their operations in India.

    This new entity gives a promising platform for initiating pre-sales activities, sales promotions and a more active approach in many industries segment.

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