Automatic Back Spot Facing Tool

  • Since fully automatically operated back spot facing tools are generally not available, customers have no choices, other than to use a detachable cutter & a tool holder. For every operation, cutter needs to be physically dismantled, before going over to the next hole. Operators need to wait till the cutter cools down after completing and before commencing another operation, wasting machine hours & operator’s energy.
  • It offers automatic back spot facing tool to suit to customers’ requirement. For hole Ø9 mm to Ø 12 mm, tools are offered with solid HSS wings. Optionally, brazed carbide wings are also offered. For holes Ø12 mm & above, tools are offered with wings, accommodating center clamping type, standard carbide inserts, having 4 cutting edges. Tools are tailor-made to suit varying individual requirement. The holding shank of the tools is generally cylindrical to suit to the standard side lock holders. Being tailor-made tool, these tools are offered with any other holding shanks like MT, BT, ISO etc 
  • Generally, the ratio of maximum back spot facing diameter with respect to the corresponding pilot hole diameter is 2:1. Since a back spot facing tool is normally custom-built, there is no general thumb rule for the back spot facing dia with respect to the corresponding pilot dia. The holding shank can be cylindrical (suitable for side lock holders), Morse taper, ISO, BT, and Metric, depending upon the machine spindle taper. The rear counter boring tool is meant for producing one specific back spot facing diameter through one specified bore. Therefore, these back spot facing tools are ideal for batch or mass production.
  • The tool shank is made of case hardening steel for wear-resistance and also for taking care of heavy torsion load. The tool shank has a pocket. A wing swings in and out of the pocket in anti-clockwise and clockwise rotation, respectively. The tool gets guided in the pre-drilled hole In anti-clockwise rotation. As the wing portions comes clear of the hole, the spindle rotation is reversed to forward; due to cen¬trifugal force, the wing opens up automatically and, with feed, it cuts. After the back spot facing operation is over, again the spindle rotation is reversed to anti-clockwise; the wing folds into the pocket and the tool is pulled out of the hole. Now it is ready for the next hole. The entire back spot facing operation is over within a few seconds, absolutely without any manual interruption, at any stage of its operation.
  • In fact, this is the only known tool, which performs back spot facing operation automatically and without manual interrup¬tion. Therefore, for back spot facing operation, this is the most ideal tool in CNC machines, machining centers, SPMs with auto-cy¬cles etc. When used even in conventional machines like radial drills, milling and boring machines, this tool save considerable time. Though custom-made tool, these tools have a short manufacturing lead time & affordable price tag.

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