AP Motronix offers Solenoids, which are classified based on the type of voltage (AC or DC), action (pull or push and linear or rotational), and duty cycle (100%, 50% or 25%), etc. Depending on the type of duty cycle when a linear solenoid coil is energized the plunger, either pull or push type, is driven into the coil, closing the magnetic circuit. The linear stroke length/force developed by the pulling or pushing action of the plunger is intelligently used to perform predetermined work. Similarly, the stroke length in a rotary solenoid is measured in degrees of rotation with no linear movement.

  • These can be either AC or DC operated.
  • The plunger action can be either Pull or Push.
  • The rate of operation or Duty Cycle, i.e. the ON and OFF time is fixed for a particular solenoid.
  • The coil is wound with thermal insulation of class “H” withstanding a temperature up to 1800C maximum.
  • The rotary solenoid is DC operated.
  • The plunger/shaft action is rotation with an angle of 600.
  • An additional micro switch is provided for feedback.

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