Electronic Controllers

Electronic Controllers

Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH offers Electronic Controllers, LEKTROMIK® E, which is a soft start, soft stop and brake for three-phase induction motors.

The LEKTROMIK E family of electronic controllers is designed for the soft start, soft stop and electronic braking of three-phase induction motors.

The modes of operation "Soft Start" and "Soft Stop" make use of three back-to-back thyristor/diode modules. Phase control of the thyristor/diode modules varies the voltage applied to the motor. With this method of control, the supply frequency to the motor is the same as the frequency of the mains supply. The torque of the motor can be varied over a wide range.

The mode of operation "Injection braking" (type E4 and E42) makes use of an additional thyristor(s) to rectify the supply. D.C. current is fed through two windings of the motor. A stationary magnetic field is produced which retards the rotor. Variation of the firing angle changes the braking current which allows the retardation to be varied over a wide range.

  • Machines with gearbox, belt or chain drives
  • Drives using pole-change motors
  • Conveyor belts (also high speed and high load transportation systems)
  • Machines with high moments of inertia e.g. mills, compactors, centrifuges
  • Grinding machines and circular saws
  • Packing equipment
  • Fans and compressors
  • Pumps, in particular to reduce hydraulic shock waves

  • Electronic d.c. injection brake with a short delay time can be integrated in controller
  • Compact unit easily retrofitted
  • Shutdown on detection of phase failure during ramp up
  • Controller inhibited when phase sequence is incorrect (E2, E4)
  • Version for operation with two phase sequences for reversing drives available (E22, E42)
  • Auxiliary module (Option I1) allows:
    • Soft start with current limit
    • Switch-on torque pulse
    • Monitoring of power with overload trip
    • Improvement of power factor at low load

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