Compressed Air Dryers Refrigerated

Compressed Air Dryers Refrigerated

Air Equipments Engineers offers Compressed Air Dryers Refrigerated. For every 11°C (20°F ) drop in temperature of the compressed air the moisture holding capacity of the air reduces by 50%. Refrigerated air dryers work by using a refrigerant to cool the air to 3°C reducing the moisture holding capacity of the air. Cooling the compressed air causes the moisture to condense. The cooled air along with the moisture is then passed through a moisture separator in order to remove the condensed moisture.  Employs the developed coil-in-coil technology, where in you have one tube inside another tube. This arrangement enables transfer of heat between the refrigerant and the compressed air. For refrigerated air dryers, the temperature differential between the air and the refrigerant causes absorption of heat energy from the air; hence, reducing the temperature of the compressed air. This causes the moisture to condense. 


Caters to Low Ranges (10 - 100 cfm) 

Manufacturability Range is up-to 100 cfm. 

Working Pressure up to 200Psig. 

Can be designed for low working pressures 

Exal can manufacture Trokner refrigerated dryers with working pressures as low as 1 barg. (Low pressures will use shell and tube).

0-100% capacity control 

All Trokner refrigerated dryers can be designed to work from 0 to 100% load.

Low Pressure Drops ( as low as 1 Psi * )

Exal has made many Trokner refrigerated dryers with 1 psi pressure drop.

Low pressure drops can be designed on request. 

Trokner refrigerated dryers provide a constant pressure dew point +3°C.

Maximum Energy savings 

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