Braking Choppers

Braking Choppers

Kimo Industrie-Elektronik GmbH offers Braking Choppers, Model TRANSOMIK® B, BC. These Braking choppers and resistors are Suitable for electronic frequency inverters in the power range up to 1200 kW.

TRANSOMIK B, BC braking choppers make use of modern MOSFET/IGBT power transistors to switch the braking resistor when the brake voltage-threshold is reached.

The connection to the inverter is very simple. Two cables to the DC link are required. An external control voltage is not required.

TRANSOMIK B1, B3 braking choppers with integrated braking resistors are especially suitable for applications with high braking powers of short duration. These braking choppers are available for peak braking powers up to 59 kW with a corresponding maximum continuous braking power of 3 kW. The standard setting of the brake-voltage threshold with TRANSOMIK B3 is DC 670 V corresponding to operation with a supply voltage of 3AC 400...415 V +10 %. Other brake-voltage thresholds are available on enquiry.

TRANSOMIK 11BC1 is a very compact braking chopper of one with peak braking power of up to approx. 21 kW with external braking resistors. The use of a compact module housing allows a minimum foot-print mounting on 35 mm DIN-rails.

TRANSOMIK 11BC1 is factory set to a brake-voltage threshold of DC 670 V or 770 V. A switch mounted behind the front cover allows a brake-voltage threshold of DC 760 V to be selected.

For special applications the brake-voltage can be set to other threshold values by modifying a scaling resistor mounted between solder tags.

Braking of three-phase drives fed from frequency inverters, in particular:

  • Drives with a large inertia, e.g. large fans, centrifuges
  • Drives with requirement for rapid braking, e.g. saws, planing and milling machines
  • Drives for transport, long travel and hoisting applications
  • Retrofit to existing inverters without a braking chopper e.g. to avoid nuisance tripping with link overvoltage.
  • Often a price advantage compared to braking choppers of original inverter manufacturer

  • Compatible with all frequency inverters with a DC voltage link operating at input voltages up to 3 AC 690 V
  • Simple wiring without control voltage - only two cables to the DC link required
  • Integrated braking resistor with TRANSOMIK B
  • External braking resistors with overtemperature protection (OPTION BR) with TRANSOMIK BC
  • Adjustable brake threshold-voltage;
    • TRANSOMIK B: • Factory adjustable
    • TRANSOMIK BC: • Switchable preset values
  • TRANSOMIK BC is especially suitable for quasi- continuous braking duty (e.g. heavy-duty braking for crane drives)
  • Special monitoring functions with TRANSOMIK BC:
    • Heat sink overtemperature trip
    • Additional with TRANSOMIK BC2
    • Monitoring LED's
    • Electronic overload-monitoring of brake resistor
    • Fault latch with relay output
  • TRANSOMIK BC2 can be paralleled for higher braking

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