AC Geared Servomotor (APM-GSM Series)

AC Geared Servomotor (APM-GSM Series)

Type GSM 60 Series AC geared servo motors are permanent split capacitor induction motors. No brushes or starting switches are employed. The low inertia servo-type motor is specifically designed for servo applications requiring relatively fast response. Its two windings are referred to as the fixed or reference phase (red leads) and the control phase (black leads). In the normal mode of operation a fixed voltage is impressed on the reference phase and a variable voltage, in quadrature to reference voltage is given to the control phase. The speed and direction of rotation then depend on the magnitude and phase (±900) of control voltage. However, by using a phase splitting capacitor it is also possible to operate the motor (reversibly) from single phase supply. Special features: compact size; low output speeds; quick reversibility; high starting torque; dynamic braking; easy speed control; and ability to withstand for continuous stalled rotor condition. Specifications: gear ratio – motors are ava

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