Paddle Dryer

Paddle Dryer

SSP Private Limited offers Paddle Dryer. Paddle Dryer is an indirect heat transmission dryer, a machine that processes organic and inorganic granular and powdery materials. It dries (or cools) such materials by bringing them into direct contact with revolving wedge-shaped hollow heaters (paddles) without using air as a heating medium. SSP’s paddle dryer is designed to facilitate intimate mixing for optimized heat transfer. A screw feeder is used to feed the wet material into the system. Our process indirectly heats the wet mass with dry and saturated steam. The main hollow shaft holds the paddles in place. The steam enters the paddles and heats up its walls uniformly using a rotary joint which also works for condensate removal. As the wet mass moves forward in the system it releases vapor and dries up. The dried material is taken out from the dryer drum through the outlet. The vapors are removed from the dryer along with some fine particles to be collected in a cyclone separator. The hot air then passes through a wet scrubber to trap finer particles and flu gases from the dryer to release clean air. 

  • Minimum Maintenance is required for powdered, granulated and pasty materials.
  • High heating factor can be obtained, due to large heat transfer area. Hence efficient heat transfer is maintained.
  • Great uniform powder quality is produced due to variable residence time and controlled distribution.
  • Minimal space is required to set up a paddle dryer as compared to other dryers.
  • Low Footprint and Less Stack Loss
  • Emission Free
  • Less Power Consumption hence overall savings on each running cycle.
  • Lower Capital Cost.

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