Tips to make compressed air piping systems better

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  • Oct 03,21
In this article, Dilip Visvesvaran explains steps to be taken to improve the efficiency of compressed air piping systems
Tips to make compressed air piping systems better

In general, the pipeline selection, layout, and accessories for a compressor owner are among the lesser significant sections of their air compressor. However, these components support the optimum air supply, pressure, volume, and, eventually, output quality in the compressed air system.

Impact of faulty component selection

A faulty layout, design, and selection of pipe material will cut down profits by:

  •  Increase in energy consumed by the air compressor
  •  Equipment failure
  •  Reduction in production efficiency
  •  Increase in maintenance costs

What should be the key focus points in a pipe layout and design?

Fixing leaks is the first thought that pops up in the customer's mind! But there is a lot more to the compressed air system. Here is a list of additional components to be considered for efficient transmission and better quality of the compressed air:

  1. Air-receiver: It is the primary storage for compressed air to balance the output pressure and application need. The selection of an air-receiver is crucial to meet the plant's demands, along with the effective operation of the compressor (load / unload).
  2. Size: Appropriate selection of the size of the pipe, based on CFM of the compressor, will minimize the pressure drop, thereby reducing energy consumption. The larger the size of the pipe, the lower is the pressure drop.
  3. Bends: A straight path for the air is the most efficient choice. When it comes to bends, a large radius bend is the most preferred choice. It reduces turbulence, thereby reducing the pressure drop. Note: Avoid short bends as much as possible.
  4. Dropline: Dropline tapping should always be from the top of the main header line, curved down to the application point.
  5. Moisture drain points: At the right place with the auto drain valve, moisture drain points will drain the water from the system.
  6. Closed-loop design: It is the most efficient piping layout. There is no beginning or end for the header line, just a continuous loop.

Planning for the long-term is always crucial for the continuity of the business. Hence, following structure, recommendations, and timely upgrades in the expansion plans will keep the customers better, avoiding any expensive modifications.

What compressor piping systems are available for businesses?

Following types of compressor piping systems are available:

  • Aluminium pipes: The latest technology, Aluminium, is lightweight, making it easy to handle, and is highly recommended for clean air applications. It is non-corrosive and remains leak-free.
  • Galvanized pipes: Galvanized steel pipes are widely used in compressed air systems. However, over time, the galvanizing coating flakes off and affects the application equipment in the line.
  • PVC pipes: PVC pipes are commonly used in compressed air systems, mostly because they are readily available, inexpensive, and easy to install.

Air accessories for the effective operation of your plant

Building a complete compressed air system will need analyses of the equipment requirements and selection of the accessories that deliver the best quality and quantity of compressed air for effective plant operations. 

  • Line filters: Compressed air will contain dirt, moisture, scales, and other impurities. Air purity plays a significant role in the sterility of processes, especially in sensitive industries, including food, beverage, and pharma. Installation of filters will ensure that the application remains oil and dirt free. It is also necessary to replace the cartridges at recommended intervals to maintain air quality.
  • Dryer: The moisture in the compressed air system will damage pipelines, tools, and equipment that use compressed air. A dryer must be selected based on the moisture tolerance level of the equipment. Dryers are effective in removing moisture and delivering moisture free air for further processes within the system.
  • Drain valves: Zero loss drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. The condensate level is sensed, and the moisture/condensate is drained completely with no air loss. 
  • Condensate treatment: A mix of oil-water (condensate) is bound to be present in the system. It is always recommended to treat this mixture before releasing it to the sewage-disposal phase. A Condensate treatment unit (Oil-water separator) will help carry out this activity to dispose of the condensate.
  • Measure the effectiveness of your compressed air system periodically: This can be done by simple visual checks for leakage, monitoring the condition of filters for a pressure drop, analysing the application pressure, and finally, adjusting and adapting to the changing needs.

Air audit data is the most reliable source of information for reducing operating costs. Depending on the demand pattern, one can decide on using VFD or sizing of the air compressor.

About the author:

Dilip Visvesvaran is the Deputy Manager - Product Management (Global After Market) at Elgi Equipments Ltd.

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