Our LVIoT monitors distribution grid access point with a IoT device

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  • Feb 03,23
TekUncorked, a start-up company which launched award winning LVIoT platform that helps in elimination of grid losses and decarbonise the grid by using AI technology. In this interview, Meenakshi Vashist, Founder and CEO, TekUncorked, highlights the operation of LVIoT and how they are planning to grow business with it.
Our LVIoT monitors distribution grid access point with a IoT device

Could you brief us about TekUncorked?
Tekuncorked was incorporated in 2019 with a vision of reliable, outage-free electricity for all. A team of three founders grew to 15 along with several strategic partnerships in the supply chain, cloud infrastructure, and manufacturing. Serving electricity distribution utilities in three states and poised to start operations in two more states as well as outside India.

How is TekUncorked serving the energy sector?
TekUncorked is working towards making the electricity distribution grid—smart, connected and predictive.

Discoms face big transmission and distribution (T&D) losses. How can your company help them reduce their losses?
TekUncorked LVIoT platform comprises a small IoT device which monitors distribution grid access points like distribution transformers for equipment health, operational performance and electrical load. Any anomaly detected which can lead to losses in the grid is closely monitored. If the anomaly persists then the utility is notified and alerted about faults and various performance issues which should be resolved. Outage-free, reliable electricity for end consumers, savings for utilities and reduction of the carbon footprint of the grid by making the generated electricity being able to serve a larger number of consumers are some of the value adds of LVIoT.

How will growing electric vehicles (EVs) sales and increasing usage of renewable energy translate into new business opportunities for your company?
As the distribution infrastructure increases either due to EVs or renewables, it becomes increasingly vital to keep the grid losses minimal and increase the operational efficiency and reliability of the grid, so that the positive impact that EVs and RE can bring in does not get nullified. This would lead to adding new business opportunities for the company.

How are massive capital investments in infrastructure, railways, metros, defence, etc leading to an increase in demand for the products/solutions of your company?
Large capital investments shall need augmentation of the grid infrastructure as electricity is the backbone of all these sectors and hence an opportunity for LVIoT to expand and bring the grid access points under its hood to enable the grid to perform at their best efficiency levels.

Sustainability is viewed as a key performance parameter for all industries. How will your company propel the cause of sustainability?
When you make the grid smart, you make it connected and predictive. You start reducing those losses, which means you’re, in essence, producing more electricity with the same expenditure and you’re able to electrify more homes. According to my team’s analysis, in India, were the grid losses to be halted, more than 200 million additional homes could be electrified without any additional power generation and that is the kind of sustainability we are after.

What are your plans for Elecrama 2023?
We would like to use Elecrama 2023 to introduce LVIoT to more and more utilities and also make new business networks and connections.

What are your growth plans for the company in the coming years?
We would like to bring more than 50,000 grid access points to the LVIoT platform in the next 12 months. This entails focusing on the growth of the organisation as well as engagements with various state utilities accordingly.

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