Temperature Sensors

Temperature Sensors

Our Products mostly demanded by Automobile Industry,Plastic Industries,Diesel Engine Mfg,Forging Industries,R & D Organization,Pharmaceutical Industries,Aluminium Foundries,Cement Companies,Steel Companies,Heat Treatment Companies

(1) Thermocouple FOR CFBC BOILER (2) Thermocouple Cast Iron , Graphite, Silicon Nitride FOR MOLTEN ALUMINUM TEMP ( CONTINUOUS DIP ) (3) Transition Angular type Thermocouple & PT-100 Sensor FOR ELECTROPLATING APPLICATION (4) Transition type Thermocouple & PT-100 Sensor FOR ENGINE. TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT (5) Quick Disconnect M.I. Thermocouple FOR FURNACE CALIBRATION (6) RTD FOR PRESS MACHINE BEARING TEMPERATURE (7) Flame proof Head type Thermocouple / PT-100 Sensors FOR FLAMEPROOF APPLICATION (8) Gas Carburizing Thermocouple With In Built On Line Calibration Facility FOR FORGING AND HEAT TREATMENT (9) Weatherproof Head type Thermocouple FOR SALT BATH TEMPERATURE (10) Special Type PT-100 FOR AUTOCLAVE TEMPEARATURE (11) Transition Type M.I. Thermocouple FOR NOZZLE TEMPERATURE (12) Handle Immersion Thermocouple / Pt-100 Sensor FOR LIQUID TEMEPRATURE (13) Screw Type Thermocouple FOR BARREL TEMPERATURE (14) Weatherproof Head type PT-100 FOR CEMENT MILL BEARING TEMPERATURE (15) Weatherproof Head type PT-100 FOR COAL GAS IN COKE OVEN PLANT (16) Thermocouple /RTD FOR DIPSTICK TEMPERATURE (17) Button Typer Thermocouple FOR BREAK SHOE TEMPERATURE (18) Thermocouple FOR HOT BLAST & STOVE DOME TEMPERATURE (19) Thermocouple FOR BANEBERRY MACHINE TEMPERATURE (20) PT100 FOR CURING PRESS TEMPERATURE (21) 4 In 1 Digital Temperature Indicator with 0 to 10V retransmission (22) Dual Display Digital Temperature Controller with 2 Relay output (23) Compact (48*48) Digital Temperature Controller with 2 Relay output (24) 4” Height Indicator (25) Portable Digital Thermometer

1. Temp Transducers : Thermocouples B,E,J,K,N, R,S,T / RTD’s Pt100,500,1000 2. Temp Devices : Digital Dual Display Digital Temp Indicators / Controllers / Scanners 3. Temp Accessories : Thermocouple Compensating Cables / Thermo wells / Thermocouple Connectors 4. Temp Calibration : NABL Accredited Thermocouples / RTD’s Calibration Lab 5. Tie Up Products : PID Controller / Rotary Encoder / Proximity Sensors /Universal Dry Block Temp Calibrator/ Universal Process Data Logger / Universal Transmitter Head / DIN

High reliable , close to accuracy level expected , adding value to end products

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