Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Pulse Jet Bag Filter

Himenviro Environmental Engineering offers Pulse Jet Bag Filter. A pneumatic pulse-jet system provides continuous, automatic bag cleaning. On a timed cycle, a burst of compressed air is directed down through a venture at the top of bag. This includes clean air into the bag setting up a pneumatic shock wave inside it. The air flow through the bag is momentarily stopped, the bag is firmly flexed, causing the accumulated dust particles to drop off the bag into hopper. Since only few row of bags are cleaned at a time there is no interruption of airflow through the filter. This provides a smooth operating dust control or material handling system. Operation; Dust laden air enters the Dust collector through the hopper or casing depending upon application, An internal baffle distributes the dirty air within the housing. Dust laden air slows down as it enters the collector, Production plants for cement, limestone and gypsum kilns, mills, driers and coolers, oarser dust particles drop into the hopper, The air dirty passes through the bags, dust is captured and collected on the bag exterior, Filtered clean air flows to the clean air chamber and exhausts through outlet. Advantages: Easy installation Depending on size, unit is shipped fully assembled or in PANEL form for quick and easy field erection, low field labor cost, Reduced energy cost Adjustable Cleaning mechanisms based on system pressure drop maintains low-pressure drop, with minimum compressed air consumption. Which reduces energy costs, Quick Bag replacements Snap band arrangement of fixing filter bags and cages are designed for easy installation, quick replacement, Minimal Maintenance No internal moving parts. Maintenance is reduced. Dust collector shutdown is minimized, Increased Bag life Optimizes bag cleaning mechanism and reduced compressed air usage enhances bag life, Periodic compressed air pulsing removes accumulated dust from the bags with cleaning frequency and duration adjusted by solid-state timers or PLC.

  • Cement
  • Steel
  • Textile
  • Sugar
  • Wood Working
  • Paper
  • Coal
  • Fly Ash
  • Material Recovery and many more

  • Removable top access doors
  • Top bag removal
  • Durable construction of housing in PANEL form
  • Bags in variety of sizes and type to suit site constraint
  • Heavy duty, smooth wire cages to support bags
  • Flanged air inlet, air outlet and dust discharge
  • Girth channel for continuous support
  • Bag and finish selection to suit application

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