Piston Impact Vibrators, Pneumatic


Piston Impact Vibrators, Pneumatic

Sinex Primemovers has developed "Sinex" pneumatic Piston Impact Vibrators for applications calling for high acceleration vibrations like tremors. Impacts being a high rate release of energy, tremor like vibrations produced by it are very effective in a variety of applications a few of which are listed below. Positive feed back signal is used to produce and sustain oscillations of a heavy plunger whose travel is arrested smoothly by creating a cushion of air at one end while at the other it is made to bump in to a rigid plate thereby producing an impact and transmitting its kinetic energy in a very short duration.

  • Dislodging materials sticking and clinging to walls of storage containers, cyclone separators, bag house hoppers; promoting material discharge from tote bins, bulk tankers, bottom discharge rail cars, etc.
  • Aiding gravity for flow down the bins, hoppers, ducts, chutes, feed pipes
  • Clearing clogged pneumatic conveying lines
  • Settling and compacting materials in containers and help reduce packaging cost
  • As pneumatic hammers for making or breaking assemblies.

  • Inexpensive, easy to install and maintenance free
  • Intrinsically safe and flameproof to suit fire hazard areas
  • Self cooling and hence suitable for warm ambient
  • Unaffected by dust, dirt, moisture and even splashing water
  • Amenable to automation with stepless frequency control even while in operation
  • Adaptable to both continuous and single (interval) impacting by using a simple electro-pneumatic circuit.

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