Ground Leakage Monitoring System

Ground Leakage Monitoring System

Neel Industrial Systems Pvt Ltd offers Ground Leakage Monitoring System. Superintend Ground Fault Monitoring System, from Neel, ensures maximum electrical safety. Power problems due to improper grounding: Good grounding of electrical systems is most important. Most power quality problems in electrical systems are due to wiring & grounding problems. A properly grounded electrical system exists when a grounding conductor is connected to the neutral conductor only at the input transformers. From this point on, the neutral &ground conductors should not be bonded together.

With advanced equipment like computers, CNC machines & other digitally controlled equipment, the quality of ground & ground currents are of prime importance. Harmonics can also cause large amount of ground currents. It can cause loss of memory, data corruptions or at times system failure. Hence, ensure that the ground currents are within permissible limits, under all dynamic conditions of load. Advantages: The superintend supervising system helps detect faults & generates alarm in case of wiring errors, neutral to groung faults, connection of defective devices, insulation damage, leakage current insufficient to blow a fuse or trip a circuit breaker, Can eliminate shock hazards in hospital & health care applications caused due to large voltage differences between ground potential of separate grounding points, Can prevent HF disturbances & transients generated by neutral & ground being connected together. Thus causing malfunction / break down of computers, CNC M/C & other digital Equipment, Can prevent induction of strong magnetic peak fields, harmful in recording studios & areas where accurate magnetic measurements are desired. 

  • Data processing facilities
  • Health care facilities
  • Office buildings & hotels
  • Automated industrial plants
  • Telecommunication centres
  • Fire hazard areas
  • Monitoring insulations of cables and High power motors

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