Cyclic Timer for Power Saving in ACs

Cyclic Timer for Power Saving in ACs

SyGuru Innovators offers a state-of-the-art digital Cyclic Timer, an intelligent AC Power Saver (ACPS) for air conditioners. This has many other unique features like over and under voltage protection, electronic lock, digital display, time delay, menu driven, etc., besides of course the primary function of power saving. Any AC consumes maximum power in running the compressor. Very little power is consumed in the blower, which circulates the cooler air in the AC space. The ACPS optimises the power consumption in AC by switching off the compressors in a settable time cycle with in-built time delay restart for compressor motor insulation protection without sacrificing the cool comforts. Normally, the thermostats used in the commercially available units are neither very sensitive nor accurate. The compressor stops after the return air temperature has reached the set point. Over a period of time, the dust deposits on the sensing probe making the measurement inaccurate and unreliable. This also makes the sensor response very sluggish and a considerable time lapses between the sensing of the return air temperature and tripping of the compressor leading to sub-cooling of the room below the set point. This is sheer waste of energy, which can be saved once the settings are timer based. Besides, during cooling, the AC metallic grills gets chilled so even after stopping the compressor for some time, the effect is not felt immediately as the AC fan continues to blow the cooler air in touch with the chilled grills. Many times when the rooms are unoccupied and AC continues to run, the ACPS ensures guaranteed energy saving (if off time is set as 2 minutes in a 10 minutes cycle, it amounts to guaranteed 20% saving in compressor consumption). Due to non-volatile memory it retains last programme setting even during total power failure. Besides substantial energy saving it also reduces the maintenance cost by reduced running hours of the compressor.

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