RO Sea Water Plant


RO Sea Water Plant

Aquaa Care (Surat) RO Technologies Pvt Ltd offers RO Sea Water Plant. Sea Water RO systems are designed for areas that have no or limited surface water or groundwater may choose to desalinate seawater to obtain drinking water. The Marine Industry converting Sea Water to Pure Drinking Water for Yachts and commercial Freightliners worldwide. Sea water reverse osmosis is the most common method of desalination, especially in Middle East countries. Sea Water Commercial Grade Reverse Osmosis Systems for Land Based Applications starting from 1,500 GPD up to 100,000 GPD (Gallon Per Day) using top quality components. Our systems are delivered complete with all plumbing included ready to produce water immediately after installation. Unlike osmosis, which is the natural tendency of pure water to flow through a membrane into impure water, reverse osmosis is achieved by applying very high pressure to seawater to counteract the osmotic flow? Thus, seawater is forced through a semi-permeable membrane, which removes all the dissolved solids and produces fresh, potable water on the other side. This method rejects at least 98% of salts, contaminates, and pollutants from seawater. Sea Water Treatment Scheme: Salt or brackish water first enters into the RO plant via a through-hull fitting and is filtered through the Sea Strainer, Feed water is then boosted to 30 psi by the Booster Pump and filtered through 25 and 5 micron Pre-filters, Filters then remove sediments and suspended solids from the feed water prior to entering the High Pressure Pump, A Low Pressure Switch shuts down the RO in the event of low flow conditions, preventing cavitations in the High Pressure Pump, The High Pressure Pump supplies the required force to drive the feed water through the semi-permeable Reverse Osmosis (R.O.) Membrane.

  • Sea water RO membrane
  • High pressure pump
  • SS 316L or fiberglass sediment filter housing
  • High pressure control regulator
  • High-pressure safety cut-off control switch
  • Low-pressure feed water cut-off control switch
  • Pressure Control Valves
  • Auto/manual flushing system
  • Digital TDS meter
  • Glycerin filled stainless steel pressure gauges
  • High-pressure hydraulic hoses with corrosion
  • Resistant hose end fittings
  • SS-316 grade Pressure Vessels
  • Heavy duty SS-316 grade piping
  • PVC & Nylon low pressure piping
  • Product water flow meter
  • Level control ON/OFF switch
  • Auto flush with solenoid valve
  • PSI working pressure
  • Flow meters for pure/waste water
  • Water quality indicator
  • Electrical control Panel
  • Overload breakers
  • UV sterilizer

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