Hengst Filtration opens filtration plant in Bengaluru

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  • Mar 28,24
Spanning across 36,000 sq ft, the Yelahanka facility will manufacture a diverse range of products across multiple verticals, exemplifying the German firm’s long-term growth strategy for India, says Karthik Muthuveeran
Hengst Filtration opens filtration plant in Bengaluru

Hengst Filtration, one of the leading filtration companies from Germany, has unveiled its cutting-edge facility in Yelahanka, Bengaluru. This strategic move aims to address the surging demand for filtration systems in automotive, hydraulics, healthcare, and industrial sectors within the country. With an initial investment of Rs 17 crore allocated towards machinery, IT infrastructure, and warehousing, Hengst Filtration is laying the groundwork for its operations in India. Recognising India’s pivotal role as both a key market and a potential export destination, the company is poised to seize the abundant opportunities present.

Esteemed dignitaries and valued customers, including Rajinder Singh Sachdeva, Chief Operating Officer, VE Commercial Vehicles; B Srinivas, Executive Vice President, Product Strategy & Purchasing, VE Commercial Vehicles; and Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, VDMA India Services, graced the inauguration event, underscoring the significance of this expansion.

Speaking on the sidelines of the inaugural event, Christopher Heine, Group CEO, Hengst Filtration, said, “India represents a significant growth opportunity for Hengst Filtration. The country's expanding economy, coupled with its growing demand for filtration systems across industries, makes it an ideal fit for our expansion plans. We are confident that our innovative solutions that bundle filtration for industry and the environment will be well-received by our Indian customers.”

Sandip Mehta, Managing Director, Hengst India said, “We are excited about our latest and most significant expansion into this pivotal market, poised to contribute to reducing emissions in the production environment and enhancing air quality for the people of India. Our substantial investments, totalling around Rs 17 crore, underscore our unwavering dedication to India's progress. From automotive to medical technology, our mission is unequivocal: to mitigate emissions, safeguard machinery, and elevate air quality. Each of our products acts as a catalyst for positive change, fostering a cleaner, greener planet. With our diverse portfolio deeply intertwined with India's thriving sectors, we’re fully dedicated to nurturing its trajectory of growth. The inauguration of our new facility at Yelahanka symbolises our steadfast commitment to establishing a robust foothold in the Indian market.”

“India boasts exceptional manufacturing prowess and a skilled workforce, which will not only enable us to cater to the domestic market but also to expand into international markets. We anticipate making a significant impact through our partnerships in India and leveraging the nation's potential for global outreach”, Sandip further added.

Spanning across 36,000 sq ft, the Yelahanka facility will manufacture a diverse range of products across multiple verticals, exemplifying Hengst’s long-term growth strategy for India. This plant stands as a beacon of sustainability, constructed using reusable plastics to reduce carbon emissions, thus positioning it as a forward-looking factory.

Hengst Filtration prioritises sustainability through its filtration solutions, which contribute to environmental protection, resource efficiency, and improved quality of life. By purifying air and liquids, these solutions reduce pollutant emissions and enhance indoor air quality. Optimised for minimal air resistance, Hengst filters lower energy consumption and extend equipment lifespan. The company is committed to achieving zero emissions from fossil fuel combustion and sourcing 100 per cent renewable electricity by 2030, aligning with its environmental responsibility goals.

As a family-owned company, Hengst Filtration stands for innovative filtration solutions in filtration and fluid management worldwide. With our products we work towards the goal of making the planet a cleaner place. Hengst Filtration is a family company founded in 1958 in Münster, Germany. With more than 3,500 employees at 23 locations worldwide, it develops innovative solutions in filtration and fluid management.

“Hengst sees India as a critical part of its global strategy”
An exclusive interview with Christopher Heine, Group CEO, Hengst Filtration, and Sandip Mehta, Managing Director, Hengst India.

Tell us more about the company. Could you elaborate on Hengst’s primary business focus and its vision?
Christopher Heine (CH): Founded 65 years ago by Walter Hengst, an engineer, Hengst Filtration has been at the forefront of developing new filtration technologies. Maintaining its roots as a family-owned business, it embodies a strong engineering DNA and a commitment to innovation in filtration.

Hengst specialises in filtration solutions across various sectors, including clean water, air purification, and equipment protection. Our vision, “Purifying our Planet”, reflects on the commitment to contributing to environmental sustainability and a cleaner planet through innovative filtration technologies. The company’s applications range from mobility (including vehicles and fuel cells) to heavy industry (like steel and cement manufacturing), healthcare, and semiconductor manufacturing.

How does the Bengaluru plant align with Hengst’s global standards?
Sandip Mehta (SM): The new plant in Bengaluru has been set up with Hengst’s global processes in manufacturing, logistics, and quality standards, marking a significant step in their expansion journey. This plant integrates Hengst’s global processes in manufacturing, logistics, and other areas. The aim is to extend our legacy and introduce cutting-edge filtration solutions to the Indian market and beyond, contributing positively to the environment and supporting India’s development story.

What role does Hengst play in industries beyond mobility, such as energy and heavy industry?
CH: Hengst supplies filtration solutions for energy production, including windmills and gas turbines, and for heavy industries like cement and steel production. Their high-efficiency filters support clean industrial processes and contribute to reducing air pollution.

How does Hengst contribute to mobility and environmental sustainability?
CH: Hengst offers a range of products for the mobility sector, including oil and fuel filter modules that enhance engine efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Our products support cleaner mobility solutions, including fuel cells for green hydrogen, and air filtration systems for vehicles and ships, contributing to the decarbonisation of transportation.

How does Hengst filtration technology benefit the healthcare and medical sectors?
CH: In healthcare, Hengst develops filters for surgical environments, ensuring clean air and protecting both patients and medical staff from harmful particles and gases during procedures. Their med-tech segment focuses on innovative solutions for maintaining high purity standards in medical facilities.

What are the future directions for Hengst in terms of technology and innovation in filtration?
SM: Hengst is focused on advancing filtration technology across various sectors, including the mobility sector's shift towards decarbonisation, healthcare innovations, and addressing the challenges of climate neutrality and urbanisation. Our aim is to develop solutions that meet the increasing demands for clean air, water, and environmental sustainability.

How does Hengst view its role and opportunities in India, considering its expansion into Bengaluru?
SM: Hengst sees India as a critical part of its global strategy, with the Bengaluru plant being its first fully owned subsidiary in the country. The expansion aligns with India’s growth story and its needs for advanced filtration solutions in various sectors, from industrial and automotive to healthcare and environmental protection.

The company already sources components from India for global use and plans to expand its export activities. India’s manufacturing competitiveness makes it an ideal hub for producing and exporting various products, particularly in mobility and other sectors Hengst operates in. This strategy reflects Hengst’s intention to utilise India not just as a market, but as a key global manufacturing base.

Can you discuss the importance of R&D in Hengst’s strategy and how it supports innovation in filtration technology?
CH: R&D plays a pivotal role in Hengst’s strategy, focusing on developing new materials and methods to enhance filtration efficiency while reducing energy consumption. Through continuous innovation in filtration media and technologies, Hengst aims to lead the industry in offering solutions that meet the evolving needs of global markets and environmental standards.

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