Global T&M market is expected to grow at CAGR of 6.8% between 2021-27

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  • Jul 27,23
WIKA is a global manufacturer of test and measurement devices. Highlighting the importance of T&M devices for the industry, Prashant Sinha, Head of Marketing, WIKA India says that measurement and analysis of different process parameters helps companies to make data-driven decisions. In this interview, he also sheds some light on latest products and trends in T&M industry.
Global T&M market is expected to grow at CAGR of 6.8% between 2021-27

How WIKA is helping companies to ensure safety and increase the efficiency of manufacturing facilities?
WIKA is a German instrumentation major and a specialist in the test and measurement devices for pressure, temperature, level, flow and force. The company is a leader in innovation and has made a mark in the global test and measurement industry. WIKA’s range of products serves a wide range of industries including food & beverages industry, oil & gas industry, HVAC industry, refrigeration technology, industrial and medical gases, petrochemical and chemical industries, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, semiconductor industry, power distribution industry (especially in sf6 handling), medical devices, power generation, waste and wastewater treatment plants and basic materials industry.

Over the years, our products have proven to ensure safety even in explosive environments. Our profound technology leadership developed by our outstanding research and development team enables us to ensure safety and increase efficiency in every manufacturing sector.

For instance, WIKA has a range of highly sensitive devices, specially curated for the oil and gas extraction industry to withstand the high working pressures and explosive environments of the industry. Among them are WIKA’s range of pressure switches and other components that ensure safety throughout the hazardous process of high-pressure oil and gas extraction. WIKA has also developed well-control panels that effectively prevent accidents in high-risk extraction and offshore platforms. Similarly, in the prevention of hydrocarbon emissions into the atmosphere or the environment, pressure switches and control panels play an important role in monitoring the pressure in the line and valve. These pressure switches instigate an alarm in the event of pressure spikes or leaks, shutting down the process in such cases.

WIKA switches are highly effective in volatile environments with high working pressures (system pressure can be up to 1,000 bar). Our process instrumentation is highly reliable in hazardous areas to maintain the safety systems and control the overall process. WIKA has instrumentation solutions for every industry vertical. Be it a complete digital monitoring system from sensor to cloud dashboard or suitable system modules for local integration, WIKA plays an integral part in planning, producing, delivering, and installing to meet the requirement of every process. All our solutions are modular and customised for the industry. The devices are designed as plug-and-play modules which can be easily integrated with superior machine tools, further accentuating the efficiency of the overall workflow.

Why are quality measuring instruments a must for any industry?
Test and measurement equipment enhance the quality, safety and precision of manufacturing processes. Companies can gain valuable insights into their manufacturing processes by measuring and analysing different process parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow rate, chemical composition, etc. This enables the company to make data-driven decisions to improve efficiency, reduce waste and enhance product quality.

Furthermore, sensors and instrumentation devices play a key role in monitoring various parameters of any process and the overall health of the devices and machines in use. For instance, condition monitoring, flow monitoring, stability monitoring, pressure and temperature monitoring and data collection for process control are some of the most essential areas that need constant monitoring.

Test and measurement equipment ensure the seamless functioning of the machines to avoid untimely breakdown, disruption in the manufacturing process, unplanned maintenance and loss in production. WIKA manufactures precision instruments to ensure the optimal functioning of the machines and their processes.

What are the key factors driving the demand for WIKA instruments in India?
At WIKA, we believe that ‘Quality and Service’ are the two most important factors that determine market leadership. The test and measurement industry market is precision-oriented, with no scope for mistakes. Our products help Indian manufacturers to deliver global quality products, avoid unplanned maintenance, reduce shutdown time and ensure profitability. With this, we stand true to our motto- “Cut down your shut down”.

WIKA Global brand helps our end users to achieve global standards in their manufacturing and export products with relative ease. Our robust distribution network ensures the availability of WIKA products across India. We also provide seamless WIKA servicing at the doorstep, which is a very important value addition to the customers. This further accelerates the demand for WIKA instruments.

Furthermore, WIKA India is focusing on strengthening the “Think Global Act Local” manufacturing ethos in our research and innovation. This will help us to achieve localisation targets and bring in cost competitiveness.

What are some of the trends in the test and measurement equipment industry?
With every industry transitioning through a new trend, the test and measurement equipment industry also has to sync itself accordingly. Some of the major trends that have had an impact on the T&M equipment industry can be categorised into the following:

  • Smart factories: Every manufacturing facility is moving towards smart manufacturing. Smart equipment and machines with sensor-integrated production lines have become key to any industry vertical. This will further initiate opportunities for data analytics and communication between machinery and central monitoring tools.
  • Sustainability and carbon neutrality: Achieving ESG — environmental, social and governance has become a key priority for manufacturers, governments, investors and end-users alike. Going forward, sustainable processes and carbon-neutral practices will become more prominent. The right test and measurement instruments will play a vital role in achieving any organisation’s ESG parameters.
  • Digitisation: Technologies such as digital twins, machine learning, AI (artificial intelligence), AR and VR (augmented reality and virtual reality) are increasingly being used by businesses to enable remote monitoring, servicing and equipment operation. This will generate data to influence business analysis, which will further shape future technologies.
  • How are T&M equipment makers leveraging digital technologies (IoT, smart devices, etc) to enhance their product portfolio? Every manufacturing process is embracing smart technology, which is enabled with Industry 4.0. Hence, testing and measurement is a value-added addition to any manufacturing process that demands smarter and more accurate technology.

    Increasing product complexity and multiple output expectations from each product, automatically makes the product more compact. To ensure accuracy and precision, testing instruments are imperative at every stage of the product life cycle, starting from the product design and development phase to production testing, pre- and post-market testing, and later on product maintenance and support. Thus, the test and measurement industry is crucial for end-user applications and technology demand.

    According to a study done by Absolute Reports, the global Test and Measurement Equipment market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.8 per cent between 2021-2027 and will be driven by 5G manifestation. This essentially means that measurement machine tools will become smarter.

    WIKA India has an array of smart products that are IIoT enabled. We have a clear roadmap to make our products and solutions IIoT enabled to fit the current demand for ‘smart’ electronics. WIKA has also embraced automation and AI to transform from a conventional machine tool manufacturer to a smart machine tool manufacturer. The evolution of the EV market and the 5G revolution will further instigate the growth of the Measurement Market.

    What are some recently launched T&M equipment by WIKA in India?
    WIKA manufactures high-precision instrumentation to enable smart manufacturing innovations. We not only bring together the best solution for the customers but also customise our offerings as per customer requirements.

    WIKA’s range of products includes IIoT-enabled devices for the HVAC industry, SF6 handling products for the power industry and many other offerings across various industry verticals. Our advanced technology is designed to meet global sustainability challenges through products like in-house SKID facility capabilities and WIKA “WEgrid Solutions” specially designed for power transmission and distribution operators to guarantee a safe and reliable energy supply. The SKID solutions include flow metering skids, master meter prover skids, truck and wagon loading skids, truck unloading and pumping skids, natural gas metering and regulation skids to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

    Our new digital transmitter series is built with advanced technology combined with a robust design. In switchgear operations, the GDxx-20 series transmitters guarantee the highest possible operational safety.

    The FSFD Switch by WIKA comes with an adjustable time delay mechanism to avoid false alarms during water surges and tamper-proof covers that prevent unauthorised access to the switch point setting.

    What are your growth plans for WIKA India?
    Since its inception in India, WIKA has established itself as a brand that provides Quality Service while bringing global technology and engineering to the country. We have also incorporated localisation by establishing India as one of the major export hubs. Moving ahead, WIKA India aims to double its turnover by 2025. Coupled with a robust supply chain and distribution channel, WIKA has established a firm foothold in India and aims to maximise its market share in various industrial segments.

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