Electromagnetic Bearing Mounted Clutch

Electromagnetic Bearing Mounted Clutch

Pethe Industrial Marketing Co offers electromagnetic bearing mounted clutch. These clutches are designed to have a stationary coil, single surface plate and are used in dry conditions.

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  • They are light in weight, compact and have high torque at low wattage; there are three parts to a clutch: stator (clutch body) which is fitted on the driving side, rotor which fits over the stator and armature plate which is fitted on the driven side
  • The transmitting torque is generated on supply of DC voltage to the stator; the rotor gets magnetised which in turn attracts the Armature plate and the motion is transferred
  • The clutch is released by a pre-stressed sinusoidal wave spring when the supply voltage is discontinued; the clutch body is pre aligned to facilitate simple assembly
  • Clutch diameter – 63mm to 250mm; torque capacity – 7 Nm to 440 Nm; popularly know as P-series bearing mounted clutch; this is a stationary coil clutch; thus carbon brushes are not required; consists of clutch body, rotor, armature plate
  • Asbestos free liner is used; armature plate is of 2 types: only spring steel armature plate suitable to mount gear sprocket, pulley and spring steel armature plate with back plate; works on 12/ 24 / 42 / 90 V DC, 2 phase supply
  • Function is to transmit torque from driving to driven; motor can be kept on continuously; clutch is engaged only when torque is to be transmitted
  • Thus life of motor is increased; these clutches are used in dry applications. Holds/stops the load in desired place; instant stop; highly recommended for inching operations; robust and compact design; maintenance free; easy to install.


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