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Chandrlok International offers Wind Turbo Ventilators. These are manufactured as per globally accepted Japanese spinning technology.

LG Electronics offers a Ductable Air Conditioner. This air conditioner is made with plasma technology. It is available with fabulous power saving features and its remote control makes keeping things cool surprisingly easy.

LG Electronics India Pvt Ltd, Greater Noida

KJN Enterprises offers Air Knife. This compressed air knife finds a wide range of applications in many industries, particularly to replace drilled pipes, or rows of nozzles used for blow-off, cleaning, drying or cooling.

Dax Engineering offers Turbo Ventilator. This is a wind driven turbo ventilator used for their low capital cost, adaptability, high capacity per vent and overall reliability. The operation is simple. As the vent hood is rotated by the wind, the stale air inside is exhausted through the wanes and a natural inward flow of fresh air is boosted. It is strong with lightweight construction and manufactured from high-grade aluminium.

Dax Engineering & Marketing Services, Chennai

Acmevac Sales offers Air Sampler. This consists of a mini pump driven by a DC motor working on a 6Volt rechargeable battery. This work continuously for up to 10 hours between charging. If required, the air sampler can be used, while charging, on 220V AC mains supply.

The Turbine Air Ventilator is a unique exhaust fan, which operates on wind velocity. It functions without electricity, leaving no scope for any kind of shock or short circuit.

KJN Enterprises offers an Adjustable Air Amplifier. It is suitable for a large number of applications where suction and amplification of air flow is required. Some examples of applications are: Automotive - removal of water, coolant, dust, and scrap in parts manufacturing/assembly operations, cool enamel and water based paints in parts manufacturing, auto body shops or assembly lines; Bottling - blow off of water from the tops of cans, bottles prior to labelling, ink jetting, palletising or packaging and conveying light materials; etc.

Mahabal Enviro Engineers offers Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System. This is done to measure the common air that human beings breath anywhere or at workroom environment. The respirable dust sampler (RDS) is modified high volume sampler (HVS) with capability to separate the below 2.5 or 10 micron dust respectively.

This air amplifier takes energy from a small volume of compressed air to produce a high velocity, high volume, low-pressure output airflow. It is quiet, efficient and can amplify flows up to 20 times their input air consumption rate. Features: the air amplifier is made of zinc alloy for strength and light weight; high airflow amplification; and instant On/Off with no moving parts, no electricity or explosion hazard.

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