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Air cooled packaged chillers are heavy-duty equipment meant for applications in chemical factories; pharmaceuticals, R&D centres, test laboratories; agricultural plants metallurgical industries, etc.

The stainless steel Vortex Tube converts compressed air into two airflows, one extremely cold and the other extremely hot. Vortex Tube has no moving parts and can produce temperatures from -60ºC to +110ºC and maintain temperatures at +/-0.6ºC.

Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd, Pune

Maruthi Cooling offers Oil Cooler. The process oil used for applications such as hydraulics, cutting, lubrication, broaching, honing, quenching, drilling, grinding, etc., also aid as a cooling media or the heat dissipated during the process is carried away by the circulating oil.

Maruthi Cooling Technologies, Chennai

Maruthi Cooling offers Water Chiller. The chilled water circulation is mandatory for various applications. The company offers refrigerated water chillers of various models and capacities.

Maruthi Cooling Technologies, Chennai

Maruthi Cooling offers Brine Chiller for applications demanding temperatures ranging from +6 to -50°C and below. This chiller is unbelievably compact and modern.

Maruthi Cooling Technologies, Chennai

SunGreen Ventilation Systems provide Evaporated Cooling Systems under the brand name of Turbo Top for industrial roofs. It can effectively reduce up to 15 degrees Celsius less than the ambient temperature.

Sun Green Ventilation Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Model ID: Turbo Cool

Under the brand name of Turbo Cool the Dry Fog Cooling System is best suited for spot zone or total space.

Sun Green Ventilation Systems Pvt Ltd, Chennai

Model ID: Model Ptd1
Degree Controls Inc offers a fan tray, Model PTD1, a set of off-the-shelf programmable cooling trays for thermal management of rack mounted products. These cooling trays are designed for use in a 1U high 19”-rack application and are available with 3, 6 or 9 standard or high performance fans.

Degree Controls Inc., Thiruvananthapuram

Suvidha Cooling Towers offers Cooling Towers. These are available in range: - 5TR to 500 TR in single cell. Easy to install at roof; rotating sprinkler; energy efficient; long life; low maintenance.

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