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Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology offers Current Loop Isolation Converter ICs. Features: No external instrument needed for power supply; 7.5 32V Wide range of input voltage 4-20mA high accuracy (0.1¡¢0.2); High linearity; Non linearity

Shenzhen Sunyuan Technology Co Ltd, Shenzhen

Model ID: ZX7-200

Inverter, Model ZX7-200, is a product from Power Tech Welding System. Scope of application and characteristics: apply PWM+PFM control technology, constant current output, stable welding current; super power grid compensation capacity, resist the voltage wave of power grid; small size, light weight, suitable for moving operation; etc.

Model ID: SJ200 Series
Hitachi Power offers Inverters, SJ200 Series. These are versatile, compact and extremely powerful drives. The inverters employ 6th generation sensorless vector control technology.

Real Power offers DC-DC Converter Modules. These are compact in size, light in weight and highly efficient. The units are housed in industry standard packages.

Model ID: Speecon 7300PA

Speecon 7300PA fan and pump inverter comes with the following features: designed for variable torque applications; PID and auto energy saving function; input phase loss and output phase loss protection; etc.

Hyderabad based Weld Point India Industries is a well-known manufacturer of a range of welding equipment. This includes thyristorised welding rectifiers, transducting welding rectifiers, multi-operator welding rectifies, arc/TIG/gas plasma cutting, CO2 MIG welding, sub arc welding systems, AC/DC welding sets, stationary and portable ovens, etc.

Soni Group of Electronics offers CFL Tube Inverters. It is used for CFL tube with electronics choke. It is lightweight, compact and easy to handle.

Adroit Power Conversion offers a range of servo stabilisers and UPS systems. With a predilection for innovation and high quality, the company is one of the leading manufacturers and supplier of air-cooled and oil cooled servo stabilisers and online UPS systems.

Welding inverters are electronic equipment, which convert electrical power from its 50 cycles/second frequency to higher frequencies 20,000 cycles/second, which is very common, before it steps down the voltage to lower and safer level and then rectifies and delivers as direct current (DC) for welding application.

Elektroweld Automations India Pvt Ltd, New Delhi
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